How To Propagate Aloe Vera By Transplanting Aloe Vera Pups

This is why I like taking the plant out of the pot – the pups come off with ease. I like to wait until the Aloe vera pups are good-sized, at least 4-6″ tall. This is because the roots are much better formed and on their way. You’ll see that I removed all of them in this video because I wanted to show you how less formed the roots are on smaller pups. Aloes being succulents are sensitive to overwatering so I added water to the soil before planting . Using a small pot make a hole big enough to place the cutting inside .

aloe vera propagation

They are great indicators of health, and what your Aloe Vera needs.Aloe vera leaves should be plump and straight. If you notice the leaves becoming thin and curly, give your Aloe Vera more water. Do not over-water your plant.Aloe Vera tends to go dormant during the winter months. If you don’t have any cactus soil, mix one part sand with one part soil.Consider filling the bottom of your pot with gravel first.

In This Article, Im Going To Teach You How To Repot Aloe Pups

Whatever you want to call them, once they’re mature, they can be separated from the plant and potted up to make new plants. So, in this post, I will show you how to split an aloe vera plant. I’ll save the two other methods to use as topics of future posts.

I’m not exactly sure what you mean when you say your aloe vera plant is “crawling out the pot”. If it has outgrown the pot is extremely pot-bound, then yes. I would repot it into a larger container and plant it deep enough so that all of the roots are covered. But, if that’s the case, then you have a different type of aloe plant, and not an aloe vera. Taking care of aloe vera pups is no different than caring for the mother plant. Just remember, they thrive on neglect, so don’t kill them with kindness.

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(Sterilize the knife with ethyl alcohol first because this will not harm the plant.) Just cut the pup directly from the stem. This will make it easier to find where the offshoot joins the main plant. You may have to brush the soil away from the roots to see the offshoot better. It may be attached to the main plant, but it should have its own set of roots. Cinnamon, as well as honey and chemical root hormones, encourage your cut leaf to grow roots.

aloe vera propagation

You don’t want to fully water them or they will rot. Give them a day or two to rest so the roots can heal over. The new aloe pups will be fine unpotted for about a week before they start to go downhill. That being said, I’ve replanted a few that I forgot about for two weeks, and they did just fine. Just keep an eye on them if you can’t get to them right away. Often you can pull the pups out of the dirt without disturbing the mother plant.