Propagating An Aloe Vera Plant And Repotting

If it doesn’t, you will need to cut it using a sharp, sterile knife. (Sterilize the knife with ethyl alcohol first because this will not harm the plant.) Just cut the pup directly from the stem. Like most plants, Aloe Vera likes water, but it hates to sit in it.

aloe vera propagation

Once you see new growth, which can take several weeks to a couple of months, you’ll know that your aloe vera propagation was successful. Keep the plants out of strong direct sunlight during that time. Once the plants are established, they need very little water and fertilizer. The pups need new pots about four inches in diameter. Using your index finger or a small stick, make a hole in the center of the soil large and deep enough to hold the pup with its roots. Place the pup inside the hole so the base of the plant is above the soil line.

More Information About Plant Propagation

I’ve had small aloes produce pups in as little as a year after planting them on their own. New aloe vera plants grow at the base of the plant, and those are called pups. But there are several other common names for aloe vera pups. Hi, I just pulled a soap aloe plant out of the pot because I noticed a pretty tall baby creeping up the side. It really needed some new soil also as I’ve basically just left it sit for well over five years. It flowers pretty frequently so I guess it’s been happy.

Cacti are fairly easy to propagate from cuttings, but aloe vera cuttings, with their high moisture content, rarely become viable plants. Rooting an aloe vera plant leaf seems like it should work, but all you will get is a rotten or shriveled leaf. Now that they’re removed, you can plant each individual pup into its own pot. Since they are succulents, the best potting soil for aloe vera plants is a sandy, fast draining mix. But a young aloe vera plant can start growing pups within the first few years.

How To Propagate Aloe Vera By Division

Using a small pot make a hole big enough to place the cutting inside . When planted make sure the soil is a good enough fit around the cutting to support it. They are succulents and require well draining and well aerated soil. I don’t mind if I lose one or two and want the parent plant to be doing well. Sometimes you have to cut away an offset and other times you can just pull them away from the parent plant.

If you try to propagate aloe vera from a cutting placed in water, it will most likely rot before it grows roots. The chances of the cutting rooting in potting soil aren’t much better. Aloe vera is a vibrant green succulent plant that has thick, fleshy, finger-like leaves with no stems. Aloe plants can grow as high as two or three feet when cared for properly.

Diy: How To Care For Aloe Vera, The Plant Of Immortality

You may also give your plant some succulent fertilizer in the spring or early summer. Once the aloe pup is the right size, remove the dirt from around the base of the pup. Examine the area and determine where would be the right place to cut to remove the aloe pup.

aloe vera propagation