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Got these lashes for myself as I was intrigued by the magnetic lashes. Not only are these impossible to apply even with the applicator but the fit is way off. This set features two sets of the brand’s best-selling, faux-mink lashes and a magnetic liner to cover all your bases. In the end, I’d take all three of these over normal strip lashes any day. If you have hooded lids like me or you’re just a fellow anti-glue gal, shop the lashes I tried plus more of our favorites below. First, I need to give kudos to these lashes, because the day I wore them was one of the windiest days in Chicago I’ve ever experienced.

ardell magnetic lashes

I’ve been waiting to try magnetic lashes. The eyeliner has iron oxide (don’t worry, it’s safe for your eyes), and the lashes have magnets. You just shake the bottle to spread the liner’s iron oxides, draw a line , and place the lashes where you’d like them. The magnets attract iron oxide, causing the lashes and liner to stick together. Use a variety of lashes for my business in bridal, boudoir, and headshot makeup application.

Ardell Double Wispie Magnetic False Eyelashes

The lashes are natural looking and I really like them; however, I found them difficult to apply. I saw a video of the application and it looked so easy, I decided to buy. I found them much easier to apply with eyelash magnetic liner; although these lashes should not require glue according to the instructions. I would recommend to anyone who finds minimal difficulty in applying magnetic lashes without glue. First, I tried the full strip Magnetic Double Demi Wispies. They come with what looks like two sets of strip lashes but is really just one set .

The goal, essentially, is to make a lash sandwich — where your natural lashes are the filling and the magnetic lashes are the bread, if you will. During the wind test, I did have one lash casualty, so I wouldn’t say that Eylure is 100 percent windproof. However, the beauty of magnetic liner is that even if a lash or two fall off, you don’t have to wear a crooked strip of falsies all night. Because the lashes stick to magnets and not a glue that dries up, you can reposition them as many times as you need. Overall, hats off for good eyeliner and lash quality, but you might have to do a bit more work when applying them. KISS’s eyeliner brush is really thin and the formula is really pigmented, so the application process was rather smooth.

Because these are the sandwich kind, you’ll want to be extra careful to follow the instructions when removing them so you don’t pull out your own lashes with it. And even though you get a ton of range here (seriously—it has everything from bold and thick to long and fluttery), you aren’t sacrificing quality. These lashes stay TF put—thanks to the magnetic eyeliner—and are easy to re-use. Other than that, you’ll just want to be nice and gentle when it comes to application and removal, since your lashes are pretty delicate. Basically, the lashes are sticking to the magnetized eyeliner, which takes some of the weight off of your natural lashes. Soon You’ll Be Able to Buy Magnetic Lash Extensions at the DrugstoreLash giant Ardell is launching a line of affordable magnetic lashes next month.

Want in on the false eyelash fun but also don’t want the tips of your lashes to hit the rims of your glasses and smudge ’em up? This line of magnetic lashes also carriesa shorter length that’s compatible with eyewearfor that very reason. In addition to the strips, this kit comes with magnetic gel eyeliner and an applicator tool so you can put them on easily, even if you can’t see that well without your glasses on. Gently remove upper magnetic lash from tray and lay on top of your natural lash line. If you’re an old pro with magnetic lashes, this kit—containing five pairs of lashes in varying lengths, a magnetic liner, and an applicator—will have you set for, like, ever. If you’re a newbie, you’ll love having tons of options.

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Maybe I am too old to learn, but an disappointed they weren’t as user friendly as I had hoped. For someone more experienced they may be a breeze. I will keep trying but really not very zippy over them. The application is so easy and well thought out. the magnets of the top lash lock with magnets of the bottom lash. This set looks fluttery and lush, and lasts up to 15 wears.

The lashes stuck instantly to the liner–one strip has 5 magnets, which meant that even after trimming it to fit my eye, it latched seamlessly. I will say that I did notice the liner got a bit crusty and flaky in some areas after a few hours, but nothing too noticeable. If “sandwich” magnetic lashes aren’t for you, try this genius magnetic eyeliner that’s filled with iron oxides that work like a paint-on magnet.

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You seriously won’t even notice you’re wearing anything. This customizable set comes with your choice of two different mink lashes, an applicator, and two different kinds of eyeliner . First time trying magnetic lashes was easy to apply and it looks natural. I’m in love with this Ardell magnetic 110.

They had to brave blood, sweat, and tears , and those strips still remained loyally attached to my lids for about 10 hours. And the fact that you can reuse this pair up to 30 times makes it worth every penny IMO. This magnetic eyelash kit has more than 6,0005-star reviews on Amazon, so youknow it’s good. Reviewers love this one for how lightweight the eyeliner feels and how full, fluffy, and dramatic the lashes look. You also get five lash sizes with this bb, which, for $25, is kind of a score.

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Ardellmagnetic Lash Accent #001

“There’s mess and they save time and money.” She recommends practicing every day before a big event so you’re not rushed the day of. Magnetic lashes—which are false lashes that are secured to a magnetic liquid eyeliner (!)—made a huge splash in the beauty scene a couple of years back. But are they really that much easier to apply than standard fake lashes? We found the ones that a) look the best and b) will give you the least hassle. Click through to see the six that made the cut, and learn expert tips for wearing them. The lashes were too long for my eye and I wanted to shorten them.

ardell magnetic lashes

It was only after a third coat that the lashes stayed in place. Once they were on, though, the lashes were pretty good. They didn’t unstick at all until I took them off at the end of the day. So, despite the hassle, I would give this kit two thumbs up for longevity. For a beginner these are hard to apply, they don’t stick to the applicator but then stick to themselves and are hard to detach.

One major downside of magnetic strip lashes is that you can’t cut them to size, lest you disturb the strategically-placed magnets that hold the whole thing together. That said, if you’ve never had issues with lash strip length, you’re probably fine with these. Personally, I wished I could’ve trimmed them down to size for a more realistic look. Nevertheless, I was extremely happy not to have glue all over my fingers and in my eyes by the end of the application. Color me impressed—I definitely think magnetic liner is the real deal. Application is super easy, the lashes stay on all day, and no-lash-glue-required also means no more picking leftover clumps of the stuff out of your real lashes .

To remove, use your index finger & thumb and carefully slide top and bottom magnets away from each other, one by one. Align the lash band with your natural lash line to check the fit. The liner formulas are super long-lasting (a swatch on my hand didn’t budge, even after a shower), which means you’ll need oil-based remover to get it off.

What Are Magnetic Eyelashes?

Magnetic lashes come in a few different styles, but they’re categorized by the way they attach to the eyelid. Gently remove lower magnetic lash from tray and place beneath your natural lash line to connect the two Magnetic Lash strips together. Glazer says you can find magnetic lashes easily at every price point. Lightweight and more spaced out than most, these magnetic lashes look and feel so natural on, you might forget that they’re not even real. Celebrity makeup artist and global artistic director Ashlee Glazer is another fan of magnetic lashes. “They find themselves on your lash line, making for a perfect application every time and can be reworn,” Glazer says.

ardell magnetic lashes

On the flip side, because the liner formulas are thicker than average liquid eyeliner, it’s harder to control and create a perfect line. The first thing I noticed about these lashes was how soft they are. They’re made of faux mink, giving them the fluffiest texture of the three I tried. Plus, they’re virtually weightless; I couldn’t feel them at all once I had them on. After I got the line down, I followed the instructions and applied two coats , but the lashes still didn’t stick very well.

Best Magnetic Lashes You Need In Your Life For 2021

Just shake theeyelinerbottle, thinly line your upper lash line, let it dry, then watch as the magnetic lashes adhere to the liner. And because these false lashes are supported by your eyelid rather than your natural lashes, Dr. Haberman says this style is safer in terms of the potential to cause lash loss. You can feel really good about wearing these magnetic lashes because not only are they approved by an ophthalmologist, but they’re also created by one. The lightweight lashes feature three super-strong magnets to help them stay put without weighing anything down.