The 9 Best Magnetic Lashes Of 2021

Just note that some mention the eyeliner runs a little clumpy. The particular product you’re using will likely indicate how many coats of liner you need before you can press the lashes to the liner. As mentioned, magnetic lashes either work by sandwiching together or via a magnetic liner. The former offers the added benefit of eliminating a step in your routine, and may also help ensure the entire strip of lashes stays completely secure. This particular option denotes the magnets on the lashes with helpful dots, so you can tell not only which lash goes on top and bottom, but also which set goes on which eye. There’s also a helpful applicator tool included as well, and a convenient carrying case.

Quite possibly the world’s greatest beauty invention since the flat iron, magnetic lashes top this year’s (and last year’s) emerging beauty trends. Supposedly, eyelash magnets are relatively simple to apply because these little beauty wonders don’t require Jedi-like skills or a super-steady hand. To apply these thin and wispy lashes, draw on magnetic eyeliner and set along the edge of your natural lash line. Amazon reviewers say these lashes don’t just provide a lightweight feel, they also give a simple, natural look. “They look more natural and are perfect for every day while still giving me a decent amount of fullness and length,” says one satisfied reviewer.

Kiss Magnetic Crowd Pleaser Faux Mink Lashes

magnetic eyeliners are waterproof and smudge-proof so it is of no use that you wash them with water so it can be removed by only the makeup remover. All you have to do is wash your face with lukewarm water and then use the makeup remover, the magnetic eyeliner will come out on its own. Before applying the magnetic eyelashes you have to clean your eyelid from any oil.

Eylure has designed affordable faux mink magnetic lashes that are priced around $17. It offers a Pro Magnetic Lash System, which you apply with magnetic eyeliner and the Luxe Magnetic double strips. You can find them at Amazon, Target and Ulta, to name a few. The gooey substance contains iron oxide and you just apply it like regular eyeliner.

Dr. Fartash also recommends cleaning the lashes after every use. “I recommend using a lash brush to gently rub the soap on the falsies and loosen up debris before washing with warm water,” says Dr. Fartash. “A great cleanser that I recommend to my patients is the WeLoveEyes Foaming Cleaner and the Eyelid Margin Cleansing Brush.” That being said, as with any cosmetic product, there’s always a risk of an allergic reaction, as well as infection if they’re not used correctly and carefully, she says.

One Two Cosmetics Natural Accent Lash

Upon first glance the Arvesa lashes appeared to use a similar strip system as the One Two Lash – Founder’s Lashes. You can use two pairs of half strips per eye to create a full lash look or one pair of half strips per eye to create an accent look. All of the lashes we tested were advertised as being able to be used several times. However, the reality of reusing teeny-tiny lashes depended largely on having a handy, secure container for them. We were surprised that none of our testers were afraid that their lashes would fall off when shaking their heads or jumping up and down. However, lashes with more magnets felt more secure in general.

best magnetic lashes 2020

These mirrors allow you to see your lash line from multiple angles, which can help take some of the frustration out of applying magnetic eyelashes. The easiest way to apply magnetic eyelashes or even traditional fake eyelashes for that matter is to insert them in the middle of your eyelids and tuck in the corners. If you are using double-layered magnetic eyelashes, apply the top layer with your fingers and the bottom with tweezers.

Our other tester wore each of our top-ranking lashes three separate times to find any possible durability issues. There are plenty of magnetic eyelash applicators on the market. We tested the Rapid Vitality – False Eyelash Applicator to apply our lashes. Also, many of our magnetic eyelashes came with a cheaper plastic version of this type of applicator. Neither of our testers found these applicators particularly helpful. everal brands of magnetic eyelashes that we previously tested have been discontinued, and so we’ve updated our review by testing two new brands that use the dual magnet system.

Want in on the false eyelash fun but also don’t want the tips of your lashes to hit the rims of your glasses and smudge ’em up? This line of magnetic lashes also carriesa shorter length that’s compatible with eyewearfor that very reason. In addition to the strips, this kit comes with magnetic gel eyeliner and an applicator tool so you can put them on easily, even if you can’t see that well without your glasses on. Overall I loved the natural elegance that the Lash love gave my eyelashes.

Lash Fx: Rosie

They must be easy to apply and must be easy for you to maneuverer around the lash lines as some of the magnetic eyelashes come with very lashes. With more density, your products much more light in weight and makes you feel more comfortable and secure best on your eyes without any hassle. With the lightweight, you can wear your falsies more than 4 hours continuously with ease and they will not fall. This is themagnetic eyeliner and lash kit most fashionable Chicago magnetic eyeliner and lash kit may give you a natural and beautiful look.

However, these guys take the cake, lasting for up to 30 wears. There’s also no shortage of options to pick from, but this particular one is one of the best-sellers, flattering on all eye shapes and offering the perfect amount of drama. If you can master applying a liquid liner, you can apply these lashes. Happily, the thin brush on this one makes it easy to swipe on.

best magnetic lashes 2020

Stores like Target, Walmart and Ulta carry these little gems for between $8 to $17. They come in two different applications — magnetic eyeliner and magnetic lash accents and strips. Arishine lashes come with five magnetic lash sets in one kit.

How Do You Clean Magnetic Lashes?

You can use their Liquid & Gel Magnetic Eyeliner up to 100 times. Other brands prefer using 100% mink fur because it gives lashes a fuller but natural look. So if you prefer to go the cruelty-free route, these would not be the brands you want to purchase. Just read the box and you’ll know which are animal conscious and which aren’t.

Plus, they don’t have allergens that can irritate your eyes. They can also be reused multiple times if you take care of them. For removing, you have to pull off the eyelashes very carefully and gently and then remove the magnetic eyeliner using your makeup remover.

Lavone Magnetic Eyelashes And Eyeliner

The magnetic eyelashes no messy glues or adhesives required, easy to apply. The glue-free design minimizes irritation to your eyes and also prevents any damage to your natural eyelashes. The 100% handmade magnetic eyelashes can be used for many times with proper use and storage.

best magnetic lashes 2020

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Together they create a strong bond so that your lashes stay perfectly in place all day long. So, these magnetic eyelashes can be good if you are looking for lightweight lashes. These eyelashes come in a pack of eight with a tray for storing them when they aren’t being used. They have only two magnets but this allows you to easily trim them down according to your need.

Magnetic Eyelash Materials

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They were fiddly and small, but they held up throughout our testing. Their plastic carry case had individual places for lashes and closes securely; it worked, but there was nothing special about it. The 3 Second Lash also had only one magnet per strip and scored low with our testers. We were amazed to learn that the Ardell – Magnetic Lash Accent #001 were made of human hair, as our testers rated their material as just average looking. Our testers were more impressed with the silk lashes of Arvesa – Magnetic Eyelashes. We chose our top finalists based on which brands were leaders in the field and which had the most positive feedback from consumers.