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The only downside is the limited capacity–this is definitely a blender for one and even then, it can only hold about 8-10 ounces so don’t expect to to make super-sized smoothies with this one. The 15-piece set includes a 32-ounce blender jar, which allows you to make either four 8-ounce smoothie servings or two 16-ounce servings. The cups come with lids and are BPA-free and dishwasher safe for fast cleanup. Still affordable, but with an upscale design in your choice of white or black with stainless steel trim, this personal blender packs plenty of power with a 350-watt motor. There are controls for pulsing, low-speed blending, and high-speed blending, which are housed on an electronic touchpad with LED indicator lights.

Its strong stainless steel blades are great for crushing ice. Easy to use and carry around, Hamilton Beach is a small portable blender perfect for traveling, camping and all outdoors thanks to its compact size and lightweight. Easy to carry and lightweight, this small travel blender is perfect if you are on the go and still want to keep your healthy eating habits. A fantastic superior cordless blender easy to carry with you when traveling, BlenderX smoothie maker includes a 20-oz BPA-free Tritan plastic jar and food-grade stainless steel blades. I love to travel, I’ve made it a crucial part of my lifestyle, but I’m not ready to sacrifice my health and eating habits.

Top 12 Travel Blender Reviews

The cup’s capacity is 15 oz and after use, take advantage of its self-cleaning mode by filling in some water and pressing the button to start washing. Coming in a pastel pink colour, this small travel blender is stylish and easy to carry. You can blend fruits, veggies, frozen fruits and ice cubes, so the types of drinks you can make are unlimited.

Tenswall is often listed among the top travel blenders, favorite among travelers also thanks to its lightweight. It comes with a built-in 4000mAh battery that charges in three to five hours and makes 20 to 30 cups. With some great reviews, this bowling-design travel blender is easy to use, lightweight, and runs with two 2000mAh batteries, USB-rechargeable through the cable included in the package. When fully charged , it can make from 20 to 30 cups of juice or smoothie. To know the status of the charging, there is a handy LED charging indicator. ALIYA travel size blender because it has a battery that can be easily charged with a USB cable to laptop or power bank, and it supports 15 to 18 cups per charge.

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Most personal blenders use proprietary cups or jars for blending, and extras can be expensive when you need more jars for the whole family or for guests. This blender is designed to work with standard mason jars, so it’s cheap and easy to blend smoothies for a crowd using the mason jar adapter. Many reviewers found it very easy to attach their own mason jars, although some note that the mason jar adapter can sometimes get stuck to the blade mechanism, which may make it tricky to remove. It also includes its own large and small cups with cup lids, as well as mason jars, mason jar lids, and a commuter lid so you’ll have plenty of options for blending large or small amounts. Please keep in mind that these are small, compact travel blenders perfect for making smoothies and blend soft fruits and veggies better if in small pieces. Depending on the travel blender, they can also smash ice to make refreshing drinks, but don’t compare them to the heavy, sturdy kitchen appliances such as Vitamix.

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It features a nice handle on top of the cup so it’s super easy to carry around and makes for a perfect smoothie travel cup. It’s USB-charged so you can use it anywhere and for a quick smoothie on-the-go works pretty well. Stuff the fridge of your hotel room with fresh fruits and veggies and this travel smoothie blender will do its job.

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The Nutri Ninja Pro gets the top spot because not only is it fast and powerful—great for those with tight schedules—but it’s also compact and easy to clean. It is battery-operated, recharged via a USB cable, and can make several smoothies on a single full charge. It has a 300-watt motor that operates at two speeds for efficient blending and the quirky chrome side lever starts and stops the blender.

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Gently shaking the cup while it’s working makes it easier to blend the food. It doubles as its own 380ml cup so you can drink your smoothie straight away. Oster travel smoothie maker serves both as a juicer and as a blender, it blends soups, fruits, veggies cut into small chunks and ice. You can also blend hot foods, just don’t add too much food together. It’s a small blender so the motor is not as powerful as a professional kitchen blender. Some personal blenders are powerful enough to crush ice, which is a necessary feature if you like making icy coffee drinks, slushies, and frozen margaritas.

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Our fruit and vegetable juicers are engineered to produce smooth, delicious juice every time. But, they can only be brought on airplanes and in carry-on bags if the blades have been removed. Sharp objects should be kept in your checked bags and securely wrapped to prevent injury to baggage handlers and inspectors. “It is battery operated and recharges via a USB cable, so it can be charged in the car or plugged into a laptop.” Donna Currie is a food writer and blogger specializing in recipes and kitchen gadgets.

This bladeless blender doesn’t rely on any power source – it just uses good, old-fashioned muscle power along with the whisking ball to create a smooth consistency shake. When we’re running late to work, we often grab a muffin and coffee to eat as we commute, and by the time 10am rolls around, we’re famished all over again. Save yourself from poor eating habits and energy dips—portable blenders for smoothies are the best case health scenario for your busy lifestyle.

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Do you like the idea of blending once and then portioning it into several cups, or do your family members have different flavor preferences? Designed with portability in mind, this blender can go anywhere you do. The blender cup and base function as a single unit and can easily be tossed in a gym bag, large purse, or even luggage. It is battery operated and recharges via a USB cable, so it can be charged in the car or plugged into a laptop and used to blend anywhere, no electricity required. The product description claims each charge is enough to blend 8-12 recipes so you’ll have plenty of power to experiment with recipes before needing to charge.

This includes a 10-second recipe book with plenty of recipes for smoothies, soups, dips, and sauces. It also includes three different blender containers, reusable lids, and a flip-top to-go lid. The removable parts are top-rack dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. A compact portable blender is a perfect way to have a detoxing dinner when you are tired after a day of sightseeing and don’t feel like eating out. This will make you save a lot of money as a stop at the local veggie market will be way cheaper than a dinner at a restaurant. With a 4-leaf blade, it can make smoothies, fruit juices, blend vegetables and purees, better if you cut the fruit and veggies into small pieces.

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Whatever the option is, it needs to be ideal for your needs. This small portable blender runs on two lithium batteries that are included in the package. You can blend also hot food but not over 100°C and can’t be used in the microwave. It’s easy to clean as it can be put in the dishwasher or you can fill it with water and then press the start button. Using it often, the battery can last up to 4 or 5 days. The BlendJet 2 portable blender is the world’s most convenient blender.

This portable blender is built with the necessary safety measures and is not going to work until the cup is fully tightened. It features six blades and can make smoothies, juices, protein shakes and blends veggies and baby food. It’s a good personal travel blender that makes one serving per time. The Oster Blend Active Portable Blender keeps up with you, creating delicious blended drinks anytime, anywhere, for personal nutrition on the go.